Special Commendations - Travis County

Mike Yager - 2/6/2023

On February 5, 2023, the Travis Country Veteran Services Office was the recipient of Special Commendations from the VFW Department of Texas. Commander Mike Yager of VFW Post 8925 presided over the presentation ceremony, handing out the awards to deserving recipients.

Sandra Trevino, Planning Manager for JP, Thad Yousling from Media, Yvonne Flores, Executive Assistant at HHS, Berta Guerra, Veteran Services Specialist at VS, David Salazar, Executive Administrative Assistant at Pct. 4, and Susan Lewis, the Director of Veterans Service Office, were all honored with Special Commendations.

These commendations were issued in recognition of the hard work and dedication demonstrated by the Travis Country Veteran Services Office and Travis County employees from various departments. VFW Post 8925 acknowledges the valuable contributions made by these individuals to support and assist our county's veterans.

The recipients of these awards should be proud of their achievements and the impact they have had on the lives of veterans in Travis County. The Travis Country Veteran Services Office continues to set a high standard for the support of veterans, and these commendations are a testament to their unwavering commitment.